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Adding events

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Touch to add a new event

Either tap the “+” icon, or tap and drag on the dial to set when the event begins. When you let go, you can add the event name and adjust other details. If you need to reschedule an event later, first tap on it to select it, and then drag it to another time on the dial.

Animation to show how to set event duration in PiCal app by dragging

Slide to adjust

Give your event a name, and then use the duration slider to quickly change how long the event will take. No need to know the specific end time, Weel calculates that for you.

Animation to show how to set a start and end date for an event in PiCal app

More detailed time editing

If an event spans more than a day, edit the end time by tapping it, and a traditional time selector will appear. Whatever changes you make are reflected in the small dial, so you can see if your event is about to overlap an existing one. You can also swipe on the small dial itself.

Animation to show how to set Start and End date for Event in PiCal app

Alarms and "critical" events

Tap on the bell icon to the right of the event name. Tap "critical" to give an event an enhanced visible cue and immediately add multiple alarms at once, or just choose the alarms you prefer.

Setting up multiple alarms in PiCal app

Customize your event tools

Choose which event tools you use the most, and hide the others. Tap "more tools" to see your options, and then tap the eye icon on the right to show or hide them.

A list of customizeable event tools in PiCal the calendar app

Managing calendars

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Manage calendars in Settings

Tap on the gear icon in the top left corner.

Main Settings in PiCal app

Set a calendar's visibility

Tap on the icon to the left of any calendar to set its visibility.

Mute events in PiCal app

Move calendars between rings

Tap on the icon to the right of any calendar to move it between the two calendar rings. These act as folders, allowing you to group calendars into two different types. For example, you might use the outer ring for personal calendars and the inner ring for shared calendars.

Inner and outer rings for grouping calendars in PiCal app

Not getting event notifications?

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Weel is directly linked to your Apple Calendar

If you're not getting notifications, make sure your native Apple Calendar notifications are on.

(And yes, this means you can also add events to Weel by using Siri. Whatever you do with your Apple Calendar is reflected in PiCal as well.)

Adding outside calendars (Google, Exchange)

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Weel shows whatever can be shown by your Apple Calendar

You'll need to add outside calendar accounts to your iOS settings in order to see them. This makes them visible in your native Apple calendar as well. It's quick and easy! Here are the four steps you need to take.

Home screen widgets and AppleWatch

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Widgets and AppleWatch complications

Here's how to add Weel widgets to your home screen.

Developers can't make their own watchfaces, however they can make "complications" which are little programs that fit into certain slots on watchfaces Apple provides.

To see the big dial on your watch, you must use the X-large watchface. This video shows you how to set up the largest AppleWatch complication. Remember to change the color to multicolor!

If you want a small dial and an event list, Infograph Modular lets you see two different Weel complications at once. To see these complications in full color, make sure your watchface is set to multicolor.

Please note: Apple has its own way of prioritizing which complications update in which order, so if the information in the complication is old, just open Weel on your phone and then tap on the complication again to reset Weel as a priority.

Weel unfortunately doesn't work on AppleWatch models before Series 4, because they don't support more advanced complications.

See all of your events on Apple watch

Using the Time Zone tool

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Simultaneous time zones

Tap on the globe icon at the bottom left of the single day view, just above the list, to see time zones. Add the ones you want. Rotate the dial to move all times at once, superimposed on your schedule. You can name a time zone whatever you like, and even use emojis if you prefer.

Seeing different timezones at once in PiCal app

Time zone tracking

Once you’ve added a time zone, a tiny dot will appear on the edge of your main day view, in the color you’ve chosen for it. This lets you ambiently keep an eye on what time it is in the places that matter to you.

Timezone indicated around the edge of the day view of PiCal app using a colored dot

Understanding the 24h dial

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Follow the sun

Imagine a horizon. The sun rises in the morning on the left, is at its zenith at noon, and sets in the evening on the right. At midnight, it’s directly under the horizon where we can’t see it.The clock hand in PiCal follows the sun the same way.

A 24 hour analogue clock dial with the hour hand sweeping through all the hours in the day

Managing your subscription

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Apple handles all subscription related things.

We unfortunately have no access to Apple's system. If you need to cancel your subscription (for this or any other app), go to your iOS Settings, tap on your name, then Subscriptions, then Weel.
If it's past your trial date and you would like a refund, you'll need to contact Apple Support.

More questions?

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